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Dental Implants: How to Spot False Promotions

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Most of us have seen TV ads boasting of cheaper dental implants or a particular type of new implant.

With the slew of marketing ads from dental offices trying to offer discounts and promises of better treatments, there are some phrases that they buyer needs to be aware of. Such as:

  • “Implants for $995”: Some dental offices advertise this just for the sake of getting you in the door. What they neglect to mention is that the cost of implant material alone can be over $2000 just for one placement. In addition to that, they do not mention the cost of the crown, healing caps, temporaries, abutments and other procedures that need to be placed on the implant. Not to mention the cost of personnel, impression, dental lab fees, and other overhead costs.
  • “Teeth in a day”: Some dental offices imply that they can have your teeth pulled, implants placed and have crown, dentures or bridges fitted on your teeth on the same day! Very few patients actually can be considered a candidate for this procedure. The current procedures available do not allow same day procedures for most patients with the lab alone taking a few days for the fabrication of crown/bridges or dentures. Furthermore, rushed or bad treatments can result in costly or catastrophic results.

All such promotions rely on the fact that we want to save money where we can. Especially with a large financial commitment such as dental implants. This desire to save money can lead us to get implants at a place where the price was “appealing”.

What we don’t realize is that these implants with “appealing” prices can cause more in repairs or replacements if the cheap and rushed treatment gets worse.

Besides the cost factor, there are is also the aspect of the type of dental implant. There are many shapes, sizes and types of dental implants.

An experienced dentist will consult with you regarding what your dental needs are and help you select the best type of implant suited for your specific needs. You need to keep this in mind before choosing the right kind of implant for you. Cheaper does not always mean better, especially in the case of dental implants.

Cheaper implants are not the only thing you have to worry about. On the other end of the spectrum, be aware of dentists trying to upsell you unnecessarily higher-priced implants once you are in their office.

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