In our last blog, we discussed two techniques for getting your children excited about oral health. Laying the foundation of an exciting and fulfilling oral care routine early in life makes it much more likely that they won’t have to deal with the types of preventable issues that are easily avoided with regular brushing and flossing. With that in mind, here are three more methods you can use to get your children enthusiastically brushing and flossing:

Use rewards
Children thrive when presented with incentives. There are a million different ways you could go about creating a rewards system for your child. You know best what will motivate them to get the job done. One thing that can help track progress and maintain accountability is a rewards calendar. Any calendar will work, and you should choose one that your child will like. Each time they brush their teeth, place a gold star in that day’s box. The goal should be two stars every day (one for the morning, one for the evening). This will help keep track of when they brushed, and take away the potential for arguments.

Let them pick the toothpaste
There are many different toothpastes on the market today, and a wide variety of them are targeted specifically at children. Your personal favorite flavor might not be the same that your child would choose. By letting them pick out the toothpaste, it is much more likely they will be excited to use it.

Play a song
Have your child pick out their favorite song that is close to two minutes long. Play this tune each time you brush together, and make sure they brush until the end!

Now that your kids are excited about brushing and flossing, it is a great time to schedule their next checkup at your local Washington, D.C. dentist. Contact us today!