Many Americans find it difficult to make the time to visit the dentist. Whether you’re constrained by work, school, or some other commitment, it may have been a few months since your last visit to the dentist. Whether or not you regularly schedule appointments with your dentist, it’s important to ensure that you’re taking care of your teeth every day. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with six easy ways that you can take great care of your teeth. Soft Touch Dentists provides family dental care, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care in Washington, DC. Contact our dental office today at 202-509-0801 or through our website to schedule an appointment!

Proper Brushing 

Brush your teeth at least twice each day for two minutes, and don’t forget to brush your tongue when you’re finished! Make sure that your toothbrush is reaching the surfaces of all of your teeth and that you’re using a high-quality toothpaste.

Floss Regularly

Flossing is a habit that most of us intend to pick up, but never seem to be able to practice consistently. However, flossing is the only way to reach the spots between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach, and this is crucial to preventing bacteria and plaque from forming. Try to floss at least once each day, or a few times each week if you’re able to fit it into your schedule.

Use Mouthwash

Whether or not you have bad breath, it’s likely that your mouth would benefit from using mouthwash at least once each day. High-quality mouthwashes containing germ- and bacteria-eliminating chemicals can help your mouth stay clean and fresh throughout the day, and some mouthwashes can even help you strengthen your gums. Not all mouthwashes are created equal, so ask your dentist for a recommendation during your next visit.

Get Enough Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium plays an important role in your bone density and in the health of your teeth, but your body cannot absorb calcium without adequate vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is primarily produced by our bodies when we are exposed to direct sunlight, but you can also get vitamin D through supplements if you work in an office without much natural light. Spinach, kale, milk, nuts, and oatmeal can all provide you with calcium when you regularly include them in your diet.

Limit Your Sugar Intake In addition to being terrible for your body, sugar can harm your teeth in several different ways. The additives in soda and energy drinks tend be highly acidic, and regularly consuming these beverages can break down and damage your enamel. As you’ve been told since you were a child, consuming large amounts of sugar puts you at risk of developing cavities, also known as tooth decay. Try to slowly reduce your consumption of sugar beverages – your body and teeth will thank you!

See Your Dentist!

Even if you’re taking great care of your teeth, it’s important to schedule a regular checkup and cleaning with your dentist every six months. Your dentist will be able to advise you about areas in which you may be able to improve, or they may recommend that you add something new into your oral hygiene routine. Seeing your dentist regularly will also allow them to help you prevent future problems by addressing potential problems before they become serious.

We hope that these tips will help you improve your oral health before your next appointment at our dental office. Our dentists offer cosmetic dentistry, family dental care, and so much more! Contact us with any questions you may have, and call Soft Touch Dentists in Washington, DC at 202-509-0801 for your next dental appointment!

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