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How Can I Protect My Child’s Teeth During Sports?

If your child plays sports, you’re probably all too familiar with the anxiety that many parents experience surrounding their children’s safety during sports and other physical activity. Team sports are a great outlet for children that encourage the development of social skills, motor skills and teach the values of conflict resolution. Participation in sports has even been shown to improve work ethic. With all of these benefits in mind, it’s natural to wonder what steps you can take to protect your child from harm.

When preparing your child for the game with protective padding and gear, guarding their teeth may not be the first thing that you take into consideration. Although accidents resulting in the loss of a tooth during team sports are relatively commonplace according to statistics, there are precautions that you can take as a parent to prevent injury and accidental tooth loss on the field.

Helping Your Child to Develop Athletic Ability

As children excel at the sport of their choosing and develop more finely tuned motor skills, the rate of incident involving tooth loss and injury decline. Along with this increase in athletic ability, fostering the proper safety habits early on helps children to acquire the skills necessary to become better athletes. Mastering the skills necessary to excel at sports, including following safety precautions and practicing good sportsmanship will help your child to become a better athlete. Children who are better athletes experience far fewer accidents and injury during team sports, thus avoiding harm to the teeth (and other injuries).

When to Use Protective Mouthgear

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While your child’s athletic ability will go a long way in preventing accidental injury, some contact sports require the use of a protective mouthguard. This is often to shield the teeth from flying hockey pucks, balls, and other objects. It is common for children to initially resist wearing a protective mouthguard, remind your child that protective gear is required to participate in many contact sports. Other forms of protective gear to guard teeth during these sports include helmets and face masks.

In the event that accidental tooth loss occurs during sporting activity after following the precautions and guidelines outlined here, immediate dental attention is generally required. Your Soft Touch Dentists professional will determine the treatment option best suited to address your child’s tooth loss.

In some cases, rapid implantation is an effective solution that can quickly address your child’s tooth loss. Schedule a consultation with Soft Touch Dentists today to discuss steps that you can take to protect your child’s teeth and prevent accidental injury.

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