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sinus lift concept

If you are in need of dental implants but have been told that you lack enough bone density due to periodontal disease or tooth loss it becomes nearly impossible to achieve implant success. A sinus lift procedure can correct this problem by elevating the sinus floor and growing bone for the placement of dental implants. Several techniques can be used to raise the sinus cavity allowing new bone to form. The most common technique, is an incision is made to expose the bone. Then a small circle is cut into the bone. This piece is placed into the sinuses, much like a trap door, and the space underneath is filled with graft material. Finally, the incision is closed so that healing can begin to take place. Since each person heals differently, the bone is usually allowed to develop in 4 to 12 months before moving forward with implants. After an implant procedure, an additional healing period is required. There are certain circumstances where the implant can go in at the same time as sinus augmentation. Sinus lift surgery has shown positive results when it comes to successful implants for years to down the road. Patients experience very little discomfort during this procedure.

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