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There are different elements that make up a healthy and youthful looking smile. From your teeth to the gum tissue that surrounds and supports them, there are many factors that play a role in your smile. When your gums look healthy and are appropriately sized in relation to your teeth, you can feel confident and secure with your smile. On the other hand, if your gums have started to recede or you suffer from a “gummy” smile, cosmetic gum surgery may be recommended for you. Aside from making your smile appear more attractive, cosmetic gum surgery can help restore the health and function of your gums, especially if they have suffered damage from a number of dental diseases. If you’re ready to learn more about cosmetic gum surgery, schedule an appointment with the dental professionals at Beautiful Smiles DC in Washington D.C. today!

Cosmetic Gum Surgery in Washington

Did you know that many gum problems can be addressed surgically to restore balance to your smile? At Beautiful Smiles DC, we’ve helped hundreds of people remedy their smile through our innovative gum surgery procedures. If you suffer from any of the gum issues below, contact our experts to learn more about gum surgery today!

Excess Gum Tissue

If you have a gummy smile, it could be caused by excessive gum tissue. An abundance of gum tissue can lead to the covering of your enamel, which is the visible portion of a tooth’s crown. Your local dentist will be able to perform a procedure known as crown lengthening to help remove excess gum tissue from your mouth. This will help expose more of your tooth’s surface, resulting in longer tooth appearance.

Receding Gums

Did you know that your gums can shrink down or recede? This exposes a portion of your tooth’s root, which can cause pain and sensitivity down the line. It can also lead to problematic cosmetic issues because the root surfaces of your teeth can appear more yellow than the crowns of your teeth. Your teeth are also more at risk for decay when your gums are receding. Luckily, there are several gum-grafting procedures that can help to cover the exposed roots of your teeth.

Uneven Gum Line

If you suffer from an uneven gum, your dentist may recommend cosmetic gum surgery. When you have an uneven gum line, some of your teeth may be covered by more gum tissue than others. With the help of cosmetic gum surgery, your dentist can help even out your gum line for a more proportional smile.

What To Expect From Cosmetic Gum Surgery

When you visit Beautiful Smiles DC in Washington for cosmetic gum surgery, you can rest assured you’re getting the attention you deserve. All of our gum contouring procedures are completely tailored to our patients needs. One of our dental professionals will work with you one-on-one to discuss your goals for treatment before telling you exactly what to expect during the surgery. We’ll also take the time to review your medical history and take an x-ray of your mouth and jaw to properly plan for your surgery.

Our dental professionals will provide you with a general anesthesia before the surgery to help keep you relaxed and comfortable. We’ll then use a soft tissue laser to trim away, re-contour, and seal the excess gum tissue. After the procedure, it’s not uncommon to experience minor swelling and sensitivity. If your procedure also involves bone grafting or bone contouring, it may also involve the use of stitches. Your dentist may prescribe medications to help relieve pain and discomfort during the first few days after surgery.

Post Surgery Tips

Once your oral surgeon has completed your cosmetic gum surgery, you may experience soreness and swollen gums for up to a week. This discomfort should be minimal, and it should not interfere with daily activities like speaking, eating, or drinking. You should make a point to consume soft foods after the procedure while avoiding foods that have seeds or are spicy. When brushing and flossing your teeth, make sure to be as gentle as possible.

If you’re embarrassed by the appearance of your gummy smile or elongated teeth, cosmetic gum surgery may be the perfect solution for you. Schedule an appointment at Beautiful Smiles DC in Washington D.C. today!

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