Many parents understand the importance of teaching their children proper oral hygiene, but did you know that your child’s first set of teeth are just as important as their permanent ones? A child’s first set of teeth may not seem as important considering the fact that they will one day fall out, however, they are just as important for chewing and speaking. At Soft Touch Dentists in Washington, we understand how difficult it can be to stay on top of your child’s oral care. If your little one puts up a fight every night when it’s time to brush their teeth, consider educating them on the top 3 dental problems in children so they have a clear understanding of the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Tooth Decay In Children

At Soft Touch Dentists, our dental hygienists are well versed in pediatric dentistry and one of the most common dental problems they see in children is tooth decay. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually backs this up, stating that tooth decay and cavities are among the most common chronic dental conditions in children throughout the United States. According to their research, approximately 20 percent of kids ages five to eleven have at least one untreated decaying tooth. Without proper care, tooth decay can lead to discomfort and infection, which can put a damper on a child’s ability to speak, chew, and even learn.

If your little one is suffering from a toothache that could be due to tooth decay, contact the certified dentists at Soft Touch Dentists today. We’ll schedule a convenient time for you to bring your child to our dental facility so we can examine their teeth and remedy their discomfort.

Kids Have Sensitive Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, sensitive teeth are not only prone to the older crowd. In fact, children have thinner enamel than adults, which can make them even more prone to the discomfort associated with sensitive teeth. When tooth enamel gets worn down, it can expose the nerve endings of a tooth which can lead to severe pain when it comes to eating or drinking anything hot or cold.

Damaged or Loose Teeth

When your little one starts to get loose teeth, their baby teeth are actually making room to be replaced by their permanent counterparts. In most cases, your child’s baby teeth will fall out on their own, however, if they are struggling to lose their baby teeth in a timely manner, the pediatric dentists at Soft Touch Dentists can step in to help speed up the process. If your child has suffered an injury or trauma to their baby teeth, contact our dentists right away or stop by our dental clinic in Washington for an emergency dental service.

At Soft Touch Dentists, we’re proud to be a leading provider of pediatric dental services in Washington. Whether you need general dentistry, pediatric dentistry or cosmetic dentistry services, our professional team of dental experts can help remedy any tooth issue that comes your way.