Establishing good oral health habits is extremely important for children. Many children view brushing and flossing as a chore, but with your guidance, they can break free from this way of thinking and may actually look forward to it. In this two-part blog series, we will look at a variety of different things that can work to get your child excited about brushing and flossing.

Electric toothbrush
An electric toothbrush can be very fun for a child. Children love gadgets, and at its core, that is exactly what an electric toothbrush is. Certain models even have a built-in timer that beeps every 30 seconds so you can change sides. With this in mind, try making up a game that incorporates the buzzer! As an added bonus, the electric toothbrush will help ensure that your children are brushing efficiently and effectively.

Brush together
Another simple thing you can do to encourage great oral health habits is to lead by example. By including your children in your personal routine, they will come to see brushing their teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash as normal and necessary things to do. You should strive to make it a fun experience, so when they are ready to start doing it on their own, they are less inclined to skip a day.

If you are having trouble getting your kids excited about brushing and flossing, our Washington, D.C. dentist team can help. Call us today to learn more, and watch out for our next blog where we will continue to discuss tips for getting your kids excited about oral health!