get rid of keto breathMany people just deal with keto breath until their body has adjusted to ketosis, which take about 10 day or up to 6 weeks if you’re insulin resistant, and the keto breath goes away. But we have a better solution! Follow our tips below to rid yourself of keto breath and get back to your active social life without terrible breath.

Drink Lots of Water

Keto tends to make dieters feel fuller while eating less, this is great for weight loss but eating less can cause your mouth to create less saliva. Saliva is responsible for coating the teeth to protect them against damage, neutralizing acids, and washing away bad bacteria and bits of leftover food. By drinking lots of water you help your mouth produce more saliva, stay hydrated, and wash away the bad bacteria and leftover food that can cause bad breath.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing might not help keto breath if it’s stemming from the lungs; however, if your keto breath is caused by food particles, especially excess protein, getting stuck between your teeth brushing and not being washed away because of lack of saliva production, brushing, flossing, and non-alcoholic mouthwash can help.

Using a strong minty toothpaste and mouthwash may also cover up the smell of keto breath, stemming from the lungs, for a little while which may be a good option right before a meeting or social event.

Eat More Carbs

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to sabotage your weight loss! But starting keto by gradually reducing your carb intake until your body goes into ketosis results in fewer side effects from the diet than if you cut carbs day one. By starting slow you give your body time to adjust to the keto diet and you’ll most likely skip the dreaded keto breath!

Make Sure You’re Not Eating Too Much Protein

When people start cutting out carbs, they may start to eat too much protein which can cause bad breath. When your body isn’t able to digest excess protein, it can cause bacteria to ferment in the gut which releases ammonia through your breath. Eating more protein then your used to can also cause more particles to get stuck between your teeth and mouth crevices which causes bacteria to ferment in the mouth and create the ammonia smell as well. Check your macro ratios to make sure your diet is high in fat, low in carbs, and moderate protein about 30% instead of high protein.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Keto breath from acetone released through the lungs is hard to treat; however, you can mask the smell with powerful sugar-free gum. Try chewing a strong peppermint gum while around others to accomplish this. Chewing sugar-free gum also helps stimulate saliva production. Lack of saliva production is another cause of bad breath while on the keto diet.

Keto breath can be an embarrassing part of the keto diet but with the tools above you can help decrease or eliminate keto breath. If you think your bad breath is stemming from dental issues instead of keto, give us a call at 202-509-0801 or fill out our contact us form.